Lenders to slash buy-to-let rates and bump up how much they’ll lend to landlords.

  A stamp duty hike hangover and fears that Britain would vote to abandon the European Union have pushed lenders to slash buy-to-let rates and bump up how much they’ll lend to landlords. Santander, Nationwide, Aldermore, Pepper Home Loans, Precise Mortgages and Nottingham Building Society have all dropped their buy-to-let rates or raised their maximum[…]

Landlords borrowing more to buy houses than first time buyers…..Invest in buy to let!

  Landlords borrowed more to buy houses in the first three months of this year than first-time buyers, the first time this has happened since the financial crisis. Buy-to-let investors’ (BTL) new purchases accounted for 21pc of all loans in the first quarter, compared with 16.9pc for first-time buyers, according to the Bank of England.[…]

Secure Your Future with a Good House

Buying a property is always a dream for every person, whether a person is running a business or working in a company. Property at the good location secures the future of a family. Property buying is not that difficult nowadays, there are lots of people who can guide and help interested people in buying a[…]

Housing and real estate in 21st century

In today’s world one of the most profitable businesses is housing and real estate thanks to the population boom and people migrating to urban locations for work, study, etc. These people inevitable need accommodations to live in, and are often left hanging. They cannot find affordable and quality accommodations at the same time, and are[…]