London Property Investment Workshop

Learn how you can achieve financial freedom with multiple streams of passive income!Would you like to fast track your property investing career?Whether you are new to property investing or an experienced landlord, this Seminar will give you everything you need to go out into the real world and start investing in property.

You will learn insider secrets involved in property investing, you will be given an introduction to the knowledge, tools, and teams you need in order to invest in property, with complete peace of mind and confidence, and know that each step you are taking is the right step forward.

  • How to research properties
  • Capitalise on the post Brexit property opportunities
  • Take advantage of the lowest ever interest rate
  • Invest by using other peoples money
  • Best way to raise money, freeing up locked equity
  • How much capital do you need
  • Safeguarding your investment in changing economic
  • Circumstances
  • What are the risks
  • What is a good or bad property investment
  • What are the pitfalls
  • Minimise risk
  • Manage portfolio efficiently
  • Summary of recent tax changes

For more information on the property investment seminar or real estate investment courses please contact us to talk to one of our property investment experts!

Tickets now on offer HERE!


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