Landlords borrowing more to buy houses than first time buyers…..Invest in buy to let!

  Landlords borrowed more to buy houses in the first three months of this year than first-time buyers, the first time this has happened since the financial crisis. Buy-to-let investors’ (BTL) new purchases accounted for 21pc of all loans in the first quarter, compared with 16.9pc for first-time buyers, according to the Bank of England.[…]

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Is buy-to-let property still a good investment?

Is buy-to-let property still a good investment? In broad terms, the answer is yes.  The lettings market in London and certain regional cities is likely to remain very strong.  However,  though investors can achieve a good rental yield and capital growth, it’s not a given.   Knowledge is key Talk to the experts that we[…]

Are You Interested in the Prospect of Generating an Income through Property Investment?

No one can ignore the massive wealth building potential offered by real estate investing. The best way to maximize the opportunities this field presents is to learn everything possible about the process of buying to let for profit. Our directors at Invest In Buy To Let are property investors themselves with vast experience building multi[…]

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Do you want financial freedom through property investment?

Buy to let property undeniably produces the best return on investment!! Property still dominates as the leading investment type and by using property investment companies it can help in your goal to purchase an investment property for sale……are you considering putting a property investment plan in place? Invest In Buy To Let are the UK’s[…]

Buy to let enjoys another strong month for mortgages

The rise and rise of buy to let continues apace with the latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders showing another increase in activity. Buy to let lending for the purchase of investment properties in June performed strongly and accounted for some 17 per cent of gross lending, says the council. Overall, buy to[…]